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7- Worship And The Prayers by Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a (1873-1960)

20 January 2013 20:37

üstad2 While reciting, “Endless blessings and endless peace be upon you, О Messenger of God!” in the tesbihat after the prayers, I saw from afar a subtle point that gradually unfolded. I was unable to grasp all of it but shall recount one or two sentences by way of alluding to it.
I saw that the world of the night is like a newly opened dwelling of the world. I entered that world during ‘¡sha, the prayer at nightfall. Since man is connected to all the world, through an extraordinary expansion of the imagination, I saw the mighty world that night as a dwelling. Living creatures and men became so tiny they were invisible. I observed with the imagination that the only thing that inhabited that dwelling and made it familiar, and filled it with light, was the collective personality of Muhammad (PBUH). Like a person greets those present when he enters a house, I was overwhelmed with the desire to say: “Endless peace be upon you, О Messenger of God!”1 It was as though I was greeting
1. The Divine mercy which came ю Muhammad (PBUH) looks Ю the needs of all his Community through all eternity.(1. cont.) For this reason, endless greetings are in place. If someone enters a vast house like the world, desolate and empty and dark through heedlessness, how frightened and dismayed he will be. Then suddenly the house is lit up and a familiar, friendly, lovable and beloved Lieutenant appears in the forefront. If he describes and makes known the house’s Compassionate and Generous Owner through all its fittings and furnishings, you can understand what joy, familiarity, happiness, light, and ease it will give. You can appreciate the value and pleasure of the greetings for the Messenger (PBUH) from this.
him to the number of all men and jinn. That is to say, I offered greetings, meaning: I renew my allegiance to you, accept your mission, submit to the laws and commands you brought, and state through the greetings that they will be safe from our assaults, and I make all the parts of my world and all jinn and men, all conscious beings, speak, offering greetings in the name of all of them.
As he illuminated my world through the light and gift he brought, so he illuminates and fills with bounties the worlds of everyone in this world. In grateful response for the gift, I exclaimed: “Endless blessings be upon you!” That is, “We cannot respond to this goodness of yours, so we show our gratitude to you by beseeching that mercy be bestowed upon you from our Creator’s treasury of mercy, to the number of the inhabitants of the heavens.” I perceived this meaning in my imagination.
In respect of his worship and on account of his being turned from creation to Creator, the person of Muhammad (PBUH) requires blessings which have the meaning of mercy. While in respect of his Messengership and being the envoy sent from Creator to creation, he requires peace. He is worthy of peace to the number of jinn and men, and we offer a general renewal of our allegiance to their number. So too he is worthy of blessings from the treasury of mercy to the number of the inhabitants of the heavens and in the name of all of them. For it was through the Light he brought that the perfections of all things became apparent, and the value of all beings was made manifest, and the dominical duties of all creatures could be observed, and the Divine purposes in all creatures were made known. Therefore, if all things uttered verbally what they express through their tongues of disposition, it is certain that they would declare: “Blessings and peace be upon you, О Messenger of God!”, and we say in the name of all of them: “Endless blessings and endless peace be upon you О Prophet of God, to the number of jinn and men, and of angels and stars!”
It is enough that Allah grants him blessings, And assigns him peace and benedictions.

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