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Hamas warns Slaughterer Israel against harming al-Aqsa mosque

12 February 2013 23:47


Hamas movement warned the Israeli occupation against harming al-Aqsa Mosque, holding it responsible for the repercussions of the settlers’ provocative acts in the courtyards of al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli attacks and Judaization attempts will not succeed in falsifying history, Hamas said in its statement on Tuesday, stressing its adherence to “the Palestinian rights and holy places that we will defend them by all available means.”

The movement called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to bear their responsibilities in protecting al-Aqsa and Jerusalem from the continued Judaization process.

The statement called for taking immediate action to halt settlement activity and the Israeli Judaization plans, stressing that the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and throughout the Palestinian territories are in deep need for supporting their steadfastness and resistance to continue defeating the occupation and defending the nation’s holy places.

Several Israeli organizations confirmed their intention to celebrate the Passover in the courtyards of al-Aqsa Mosque with the participation of a number of rabbis and Knesset members.

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