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Qatari, Turkish satanic plan to create turmoil in Baghdad

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Iraq’s State of Law Coalition MP in Parliament reveals that Qatar and Turkey along with al-Qaeda and remnants of dissolved Ba’ath Party have been trying to launch a sectarian conflict, by sending insurgents to Baghdad.
Stating that the hands of the active forces behind the conspiracy are known to everyone, Kamal al-Saadi, said “they believe that non-violent protests in the restricted areas will turn the process of the protestors peaceful and normal, and this trend can even lead to the strengthening of the Iraqi government.”

Al-Saadi reiterated that “For this reason, they [the insurgency] have decided to bring the protests and demonstrations to Baghdad, and in doing so, they can start intrigue and a civil war in this country.”

Recently, Iraqi media have reported that some of the protestors from al-Anbar province were walking towards Baghdad with the pretext of intention of holding Friday payers next week, but officials, political activists, Iraqi scholars and political leaders have assessed it as a political move and consider the purpose of such a move as preparation for rebellion in the country.”

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