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Zionist Puppet Saudi-backed Brutal Bahraini forces attack Manama protest

13 February 2013 11:30

Bahraini forces attack Manama protest
Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have fired tear gas at anti-regime demonstrators as they tried to march toward the former Pearl Square in the capital.

The rally was held as part of anti-regime rallies to mark the second anniversary of the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf state.
A similar protest was also held in the village of Sanabis, west of Manama, where demonstrators called for political reforms.
Bahrainis have been holding protest rallies across the country for more than a week ahead of the anniversary.
On Tuesday, opposition groups, including al-Wefaq and the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition, called for protests this week to mark the 2011 popular uprising against the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty.
The coalition has urged Bahrainis to go on strike and take to the streets on Thursday and march to the site of the iconic Pearl Square, the former epicenter of Bahrain’s revolution, on Friday.
But al-Wefaq has called for a major rally on Friday outside the capital, Manama.

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