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Terrorist groups abuse Syrian children

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Terrorist groups abuse Syrian children

Syrian terrorists abuse children for military purposes against the Bashar al- Assad.
According to Syrian TV stations, the terrorist groups abuse the Syrian children by teaching them how the use of weapons and war, and take advantage of these children in the process.

In this regard, the British Daily Telegraph has published pictures of an eight year old Syrian boy on its website recently instead of going to school, standing besides two terrorists, holds weapon, and learns how to make and use explosives.

On the other hand, International Organization, ‘Save the Children’ has reported that the number of children that terrorist groups based in Syria have been abusing is increasing. And the terrorist have tried to indoctrinate these children.

Al-Ahd News Network has recently published an article, written by Ali Al-Abdullah about the spread of using Syrian children for terrorism and war by armed groups operating in the country.

This phenomenon, besides being dangerous phenomenon, violates all international laws and conventions and moral views of humanity.

Terrorist groups abuse Syrian children4Terrorist groups abuse Syrian children5Terrorist groups abuse Syrian children7

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