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Where is Ahmad Al-Asir?

29 June 2013 10:31

The terrorist Ahmed Al-Asir did not leave Lebanon, this is confirmed by all the Lebanese sources including the Syrian ones. He might be in Ain al-Hilweh or in Tripoli, yet both areas are denying this. Thus, where is Ahmad Al-Asir?
Well-informed sources reveal that Ahmed Al-Asir escaped from the “Bilal bin Rabah mosque” in Sidon an hour after the start of the fighting last Sunday to a place near Abra so that to return to his mosque in case a truce took place.

The sources pointed out that Al-Asir left the whole place being protected by an influential politician in the area after the fall of his mosque in the afternoon heading either towards Ain al-Hilweh or towards Tripoli, and was accompanied by some members of his gang, including Fadel Shaker.

In Ain al-Hilweh no one has seen Al-Asir until the time, and Palestinian well-informed sources from inside the said camp excluded the fact that he might have entered into it, especially in light of the tight security measures that had been imposed by the Lebanese army at its entrances on Monday as a result of the violent clashes that were raging between the army and the Al-Ansar group. Sources say: “Cars were banned from entering or leaving the camp and the pedestrians were passing through passageways monitored by the army”.

The sources expect that in case Al-Asir was really in Ain al-Hilweh, he would have then entered it on Monday evening or on Tuesday after hiding in a nearby area. The sources add: “Al-Taamir-Al-Taware neighborhoods might be the only shelter to Al-Asir; where the elements of Jund al-Sham could welcome him only and not anyone else”.

In Tripoli- the place where the flags of the “Victory Front” have been raised the moment the fall of the Bilal bin Rabah mosque was announced- no one also confirm the presence of “Sidon’s terrorist” in the area. In this context, the Islamic preacher Omar Bakri Festok says: “If he comes to Tripoli, we welcome him along with Fadel Shaker and the brothers, but I advise them neither to visit me nor to visit any one of the sheikhs of the area since we might be monitored. Let them stay with their brothers who are protecting them, and this is better for them”.

Sheikh Bakri expected that Al-Asir would look for a safe place to continue what he had already started saying that he don’t think that he has entered Syria. Bakri added: “Al-Asir is not over, but he has now begun and we expect that he would appear again in a new start to correct his path, for he is neither a takfiri nor a terrorist as they are depicting him. He is a hero in the eyes of the Muslims”.

Relevant sources, especially those belonging to the Free Syrian Army, have turned a blind eye to the data submitted by Bassam Al-Dada, a political adviser to the free army regarding Al-Asir’s presence in Syria. Fahd Al-Masri, head of central media in the Joint Command of the Free Syrian Army denies this information altogether, and the same goes for Luay al-Miqdad, the political and media coordinator and for the spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the said Army Abdul Hamid Zakaria.

The free army according to its sources considers that Al-Asir at this stage may act as a burden despite the fact that their cases are synchronized. Sources say: “We do not deny that we were contacting with Al-Asir from time to time; he visited Syria and the liberated areas, and we have offered him to send him a number of fighters to support him in facing Hezbollah, but he refused”.

Many people consider that Al-Asir today is similar to Shaker Al-Absi 2007, while others expect that he would appear soon after being reinforced in a safe site and after determining his project for the next phase, planning and cooperating with well-known Arab countries that did not decide to burn his paper yet.

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