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Exclusive- Why is Syria unbeaten against World Powers?


There has been many struggles to misinform about the War on Syria from the first day of crisis in Syria through the media of many many countries. Zionist media in US, Western countries, Puppet Arab Regimes, Turkey were the pioneers of this media war against Syria. During this media war the most striking struggle was the effort to show the terrorists in Syria as Muslims or Mujaheeds. Although there are many disgusting videos showing the cruelties of brutal, inhuman, savage monsters who have uploaded those videos by themselves on internet, the zionist media and Americanized islam-faced media have been in struggle of showing those human-faced monsters as freedom fighters or Mujaheeds. It is well known that Islam has nothing with those brutals and those brutals have nothing with Islam. Those brutals have always tried to cover their savage faces with the name ‘Ahlul Sunnah’ but the whole world and Islamic World very well know that those terrorists have nothing with Sunnah nor Islam; they are just trying to use that ‘Ahlul Sunnah’ name in order to divide Islamic Ummah and to show Shiites, Christians in Syria as enemies. During these painful period everyone in Syria has been the valid target of those Americanized Mujaheeds but Zionists. The brutal terrorists declared anyone in Syria as terrorists but failed to criticize Zionist Regime of Israel that has been a loyal ally of terrorists in Syria from the first day of crisis( even during the preparations before the attack on Syria). With the help of Allah the terrorists in Syria got a historical defeat in Syria and the allies of those terrorists also got a UNIQUE defeat in many areas including media, military area, intelligence service area, political scene and especially about deceiving people of the world. Once more the powerful people of the world show those %1 what the real power is and who really mighty is. Thanks to the forethoughtful guidance by the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei the enemies failed in their sisnister plans- covered with Americanized Islam- have failed. The clear stance of Secretary General Hezbollah Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has brought the enemies of Resistance to their knees. Syria is Victorious over his enemies without looking at the majority in the enemies quantities because Syria is on the right path, because Syria is the Golden Ring of the Resistance Chain, because Syria has been loyal to Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day of 1979 Revolution(even during the darkest days of Iran short after the REvolution against world powers). Syria will never bow down to the enemies of humanity because Almighty Allah is with Glorious Hezbollah, Syria and Victorious Syrian Army.

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