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Iran ready for ‘industrial cooperation’ with Venezuela

23 December 2013 21:19

IMG09275257The minister of Industry, Trade, and Mine has said Iran is ready to cooperate with Venezuela on oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.
Mehr News reported that Mohammad Reza Nematzedeh received Venezuelan ambassador to Tehran.

“The industry line to manufacture tractors and automobile has been implemented in Venezuela and on housing, we constructed 10,000 houses and another 10,000 houses are under construction by the contracting company,” said the minister.

He also pointed to ship-building agreement with Venezuela. “The first ship has been completed a year ago; however, it has not been delivered to Venezuela due to barriers created by sanctions,” Nematzedeh added.

He pointed to a visit by a delegation of Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development and Renovation, known as IMIDRO to Venezuela and emphasized that the organization should help to accelerate the projects.

Nematzedeh believed that the auto-industry in Venezuela was not in a satisfactory level, while they received help from Iranian auto-making industry.

“The Venezuelan side has not reportedly committed to payment of the obligations, which has been due to the lack of contacts, which should be soon addressed,” said he, and that “Iran and Venezuelan joint commission has been established 2 years ago and we have been waiting for a date to be announced by Venezuela for our delegation to join the commission, which would certainly help solve small issues.”

The Venezuela’s ambassador expressed his country’s willingness to attract the expert participation by Iranian contractors in housing, auto-making, oil and gas, petrochemical industries, electricity and electronics, agriculture, and nanotechnology. “Venezuela has demand for 35000 Iran-made automobiles and we are interested in importing cement and car from Iran,” he added.

Amenhotep Zambrano also pointed out that in tractor-making industry, Venezuela required boosting capacity. “Beginning in 2014, we will be more prepared to commit to our obligations and we hope that the agreements are implemented,” he said.

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