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AEOI Chief: Iran to Launch Specialized Hospital for Nuclear Incidents

24 December 2013 13:58


Iran plans to establish a specialized hospital for the treatment of those who might be affected by any possible nuclear incident, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi announced on Tuesday.
“This hospital will operate in nuclear emergencies, and will be equipped with different tools and equipment, including radiotherapy and centrifuges,” Salehi said.

He said equipping the hospital will be very costly and Iran’s Bank Pasargad will most likely make a 50-50 percent investment.

Salehi pointed to Iran’s scientific and technological achievements in the past 30 years, and said Iranian scientists and engineers can achieve any goals and objective.

Earlier this year, Iran’s former top negotiator in nuclear talks with the world powers Saeed Jalili underlined that despite the western pressures and sanctions against Iran, the country stands among the most advanced states in nuclear technology.

“Enemies of Islam embargoed Iran in defensive and nuclear fields but the young Iranian people could raise the country to stand among the 10 most advanced countries in the nuclear technology with their increasing persistence and progress in a way that the enemies have been stunned,” Jalili said, addressing a group of people in the Northern city of Qazvin.

Jalili said that the six world powers have admitted Iran’s astonishing progress and voiced concern about the presence of highly talented young scientists in the country and their effective assistance to Iran’s flourishing.

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