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2013 worst year of Obama presidency: Analyst

25 December 2013 19:42

341899_Obama LendmanUS President Barack Obama’s fifth year in the White House was the worst year of his presidency amid a range of scandals including revelations about NSA spying, a political analyst says.

“Obama is getting close to completing five years in office. 2013 was the worst year of his presidency. Each year successively from 2009 to the end of 2013, each one has been worst than the succeeding ones. It’s astonishing,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Instead of making things better for most people in America and around the world, Obama succeeded in making things worse,” he added.

The US president has been strongly criticized for global surveillance operations, the botched rollout of his signature healthcare law, and his failure to curb gun violence in the country.

“He is literally waging war on humanity. He’s doing it at home and abroad,” Lendman said. “He did what his supporters thought impossible.”

Lendman also slammed Obama’s record on the economy.

“He’s looting one nation after another’s wealth. He wrecked the US economy. He consigned millions of Americans to impoverishment without jobs, without futures,” he added.

In October, Americans experienced the first government shutdown in 17 years as Obama and congressional Republicans failed to resolve their differences over federal spending and healthcare reforms.

During his year-end news conference at the White House on Friday, Obama refused to admit that 2013 was the worst year of his presidency when asked by a reporter.

According to the latest opinion polls, Obama’s approval ratings are at record lows in the nearly five years he has been in the Oval Office.

“If you’re measuring this by polls, my polls have gone up and down a lot through the course of my career,” Obama said. “If I was interested in polling, I wouldn’t have run for president.”

In addition, Lendman said President Obama’s foreign policy has caused “misery for so many people” around the world.

“He wants all independent governments removed. He wants puppet ones replacing them. He literally governs no differently in many respects from some of the world’s most ruthless corrupt tyrants,” Lendman said.

The analyst concluded that President Obama should be impeached.

“He should be prosecuted. He should be impeached. I call it a national imperative and I wonder whether humanity will survive his tenure,” Lendman said.

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