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Ice storm in Canada, US leaves about 30 dead, thousands without power

25 December 2013 15:41


A severe ice storm in the United States and Canada has claimed the lives of nearly 30 people, leaving at least 500,000 others without electricity.

According to the US National Weather Service, more snow is expected in the Northern High Plains and Central Rockies and then into the Great Lakes and Midwest by early Wednesday.

Hundreds of thousands of people living in areas from Michigan to Maine are expected to stay without electricity on Christmas day.

At least 14 deaths were reported in the US, on Tuesday. This is while earlier reports said 11 people had lost their lives.

Over 500,000 homes and businesses remain without electricity power across the US and Canada.

In Canada, at least 10 deaths were confirmed on Tuesday, including two deaths in Ontario and three in Quebec as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another five were also reportedly killed in highway accidents in eastern Canada due to poor weather conditions.

Meanwhile, officials say several Canadians have also been hospitalized due to apparent carbon monoxide poisoning after trying to keep themselves warm with gas generators.

Toronto issued an extreme cold temperature alert late Tuesday.

Canadian weather service Environment Canada says that freezing temperatures will last throughout the week.

Toronto officials said that some 90,000 Canadians will also remain without power. This figure is down from 300,000 people affected by the storm over the weekend.

More than 31,700 people in Quebec and 40,000 in New Brunswick had no electricity as on Tuesday.

The severe weather condition has affected passengers who have been witnessing flight delays and cancellations.

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