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Iran hopes Amano’s ‘positive report’ after ‘trust building’

25 December 2013 7:24

IMG07594139The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization has said the country has accepted the IAEA’s 6 demands to ‘refine the atmosphere.’
Ali Akbar Salehi who was visiting Masih Daneshvari Hospital responded to a question by Mehr News what would the IAEA’s offer be in return for Arak heavy water complex inspection, and what would the Agency do for Iran with the end of 6 agreed steps. “In an agreement with Mr. Amano and the IAEA, we accepted their 6 demands and to refine the atmosphere, we carried out all 6 demands,” said Salehi, citing inspection of Arak heavy water complex as being the first demand. “Their inspectors visited the complex two weeks ago. The second demand was inspection of Gachin uranium mine in the southern shores, which would be possible soon,” he added.

“Our approach should bring Amano’s positive report this time and we hope that we build confidence gradually through steps forward,” he said and that “Iran and the IAEA cooperation would complement the political negotiations in Geneva.”

“However, these two paths are different but could affect each other,” Salehi believed.

On inspection of Gachin mine, Salehi speculated that experts would discuss the exact date and time of the inspections to agree on a date.

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