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Iranian Sunni MP: “Islamic Unity Conference is an opportunity to boost Muslim solidarity.”

25 December 2013 7:30

n00148720-bSunni representative of Kurdistan Province in Iran’s Parliament called the holy book of Islam as the constitution for all Muslims across the world and stressed holding religious gatherings.
Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khodayee, Friday prayer leader of Baneh County in Kurdistan Province, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called Islam as the most complete divine religion and that Qur’anic teachings are guidelines that shed light on the path of transcendence and honor of human beings.

He added,” Certainly Qur’an is the constitution and guidance for followers of Islam to move forward and Muslims have to maintain holy Qur’an in all stages of their lives.”

Friday prayer leader of Baneh reiterated, “Unity and solidarity among Islamic denominations is one of the most important necessities to boost determination of the Muslims in the world and to achieve that end, Qur’an has shed enlightened the path for all people.”

Sunni member at Iran’s Assembly of Experts noted,” Holding national and international meetings and conferences to discuss unity and Islamic solidarity is one of the issues that has to be maintained and must be followed by authorities in Islamic states.”

Iranian Sunni MP praised domestic and international conferences on the topic of Islamic unity saying,” This year also the central topic of Islamic Unity Conference is Qur’an and its constructive guidelines; therefore, we have to know that Qur’an has always been the axis of unity and if it is going to be highlighted in the upcoming conference it shows the particular status of the book for the present and future situation of the world of Islam.”

He also touched upon participation of Kurdistan clerics in the Islamic Unity conference and hailed the effective role of these gatherings in boosting unity among Muslims.

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