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Syria criticizes Great Satan US as ‘one-eyed pirate’

25 December 2013 16:41

Syria criticizes US as 'one-eyed pirate'

Syria has lashed out at the United States, describing it as a “one-eyed pirate,” a day after Washington condemned Syrian government over its aerial attack on Aleppo.
“The White House is ignoring the crimes committed by the terrorists,” state news agency SANA said on Tuesday.
“Meanwhile, it condemns what it describes as incessant aerial attacks by Syrian government forces in Aleppo.”
“Washington is a pirate that only looks with one eye,” said the agency, adding that “in the areas named by the White House… all you have is groups of Saudis, Qataris and Chechens.”
Over the past 10 days, the military has unleashed a massive aerial campaign against rebel areas of Aleppo in the north of the country, killing many militants.
SANA also accused US President Barack Obama’s administration of silence over the fighting in Maalula, an ancient Christian town north of Damascus that recently fell into the hands of al-Qaeda-affiliated militants.

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