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Bardawil: Resistance will not pay political price to lift Gaza siege

26 December 2013 18:13


Hamas leader Salah Bardawil said that the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip is “mainly a political siege that aims at subjugating the Palestinian people.”

Bardawil told Quds Press on Wednesday: “The issue of the Gaza blockade is a political issue par excellence. Unfortunately, it caused a serious humanitarian suffering that has affected large segments of the Palestinian people. There are patients suffering as they cannot be offered treatment in Gaza, and cannot travel abroad to receive treatment due to closure of crossings.”

“Beit Hanoun and Kerem Abu Salem crossings are closed, even the Rafah crossing opens for few hours on specific days to allow only few cases to cross. It seems that this aims to force Gaza to give up the rights of the Palestinian people”, he added.

The Hamas official stressed that the blockade will never force the resistance to relinquish the Palestinian constants.
He called upon the Arab parties that participate in the siege of the Palestinian people to review their position, pointing out that the Palestinian resistance is defending the Arab Nation and its dignity and Egypt’s national security.

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