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Hamas slams Egyptian gov’t for recent threats

26 December 2013 18:14


Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum deplored the Egyptian government for threatening to take military action against his Movement, stressing that “it is trying to export its internal crises to the Palestinians and Hamas.”

Spokesman Barhoum said in a press release on Wednesday that his Movement would never be a party to any events happening in Egypt, affirming that its battle is only against the Israeli occupation.

“We confirm that we will not get dragged into unwanted wrangles or side fights many parties are trying to get us into, away from our preoccupation with resisting the occupation and defending and protecting our people,” Barhoum stated.

The spokesman urged the Egyptian government and its media outlets to refrain from implicating the Palestinians in events happening in Egypt and the Sinai.

The secular Egyptian government claimed on Wednesday that its army had foiled an attempt by a Hamas-affiliated bomber to detonate a security site in Egypt, and threatened that its military response would be severe if it sensed that Hamas continues to violate Egypt’s national security.

Hamas, for its part, categorically denied the Egyptian claims and any connection to the man named by the army as Jum’ah Khamis Bureika and affirmed that such a name cannot be found in the civil records in Gaza.

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