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Hezbollah Condemns Israeli Aggression against Gaza

26 December 2013 10:24


Hezbollah condemned the recent Israeli aggression against Gaza strip, stressing that this escalation reflects the ferocious nature of the Zionist entity which utilizes such acts to impose on the Palestinians certain conditions.

Hezbollah considered, in a statement, that the silence of the Arab League and the International Community institutions is suspicious and that it grants the murderer the opportunity to pursue its aggression without any fear of punishment.

Hezbollah also asserted the role of the Arab people in supporting the Palestinians and in prompting the regimes to protect the oppressed people.

In a different statement, Hezbollah praised as a hero the Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi who was released on Monday. The party also congratulated the Christians on the birth day of Prophet Jesus (Pbuh).

“The will of freedom and the soul of jihad always defeat the chains of the jailer and the arrogance of the occupation enemy,” Hezbollah said, in a statement released by the party’s Media Relations late Monday, referring to released prisoner Issawi.
“Prisoner Issawi has achieved a great victory as he forces the enemy to yield to his own conditions because of his steadfastness.”

Hezbollah also pointed out that Issawi’s achievement stresses that confronting the Zionist enemy is a path which all prisoners must pass through in order to attain freedom.

“As Hezbollah takes great pride in this great achievement in the battale against the Zionist entity, it congratulates the hero Issawi, the “Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine,” which the freed prisoner belongs, and all Palestinians,” the statement concluded.

The party also congratulated, in a different statement, the Christians on the Christmas, saying that the birth day of Prophet Jesus is a “day of unity for all the faithful people on earth.”

“In this blessed occasion, Hezbollah congratulates both Christians and Muslims on earth, and especially the Lebanese Christians,” the statement said, adding that the party prays for the Lebanese unity and for liberation of Palestine, Prophet Jesus’ (PBUH) cradle.

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