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‘Israel lobby behind Turkey graft scandal’

26 December 2013 21:21


The current embarrassing graft scandal in Turkey is a conspiracy plotted by Israeli lobbies, a political commentator tells Press TV in an interview.

“Nothing is coincidence here; it is a very well-planned setup. It is a Zionist interest lobby setup in Turkey because Turkey…started to have some worth all over the world. So in order to stop this, it is a setup,” Yavuz Selim Kurt told Press TV on Thursday.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday reshuffled his cabinet after resignations of three ministers over a graft probe.

The Turkish premier replaced the economy, interior, and environment ministers whose sons have been arrested as part of investigation into the spiraling corruption scandal.

Kurt said the Erdogan government is washing out “corruptions, some briberies, some mistakes and sins.”

“We have to know one thing and remember; once such [Zionist-led] operations were tried in Venezuela, even it was tried in the Islamic Republic of Iran. If some countries are developing independently, so some forces from outside, they do not like this so they start some plots as this,” he added.

Analysts say the graft scandal is a big challenge for Erdogan, who had pledged to root out corruption in the country.

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