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Iranian researchers print artificial blood vessels

27 December 2013 22:00

Iranian researchers print artificial blood vessels

Researchers in Amir Kabir University of Technology have printed artificial blood vessels using a bioprinting machine.

Dr. Majid Halvayi the project manager told Mehr News that they had developed the machine’s second version which was 20 per cent rapid. “ bio-printers are 3D printing machines capable of printing layers of cells,” he added and pointed to his research where he and his group developed a printer to carry out the 3D printing of circular and cylindrical structures of the blood vessels.

“He first phase of the research developed bio-printer to print vessels. The laboratory model has been developed but needs testing,” he said.

“The ultimate end for developing bio-printers is to replicate body organ tissues. The research around the world has attempted to replicate critical organs like the heart, through simulating the cell structures of the body organs,” Halvayi added.

“For replicating hard tissues, 3D printing is used. For doing so, a cell scaffold is printed and then cells are mounted on the scaffold. However, in bio-printing cells are printed on the scaffolds simultaneously,” he told Mehr News.

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