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KSA supports terrorist attacks in Lebanon: Elias Farhat

27 December 2013 23:22

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Elias Farhat, retired army general, about the deadly terrorist attack that killed several people including former finance minister, Mohammad Shatah, in Beirut.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Elias Farhat, I am going to pose a very simple question here based on what you are seeing and based obviously on your knowledge about Lebanese politics.

Who do you think is behind this blast? What are their gains behind what has occurred?

Farhat: I think who is behind this blast is those people who do not want stability and security all over Lebanon and they want chaos in Lebanon in order to implement their plans and their interests in Lebanon.

What I mean is that Lebanon is witnessing a political vacuum in its authority. The parliament is paralyzed and it is not able to convene. The government has now resigned and has a caretaker government. After three months President Suleiman will end his term and it is not sure that the parliament will elect a new president or will go on in new vacuum in the presidency as well.

So this, I mean the lack of political cover to Lebanon allows those people to commit such terrorist attacks in order to let the stability in Lebanon and Lebanon enter in a chaos in order to implement their plans in the region.
Press TV: And if you want to detect a guess as what plans they have for the region and which country would be behind it, who would it be?

Farhat: Yes, it is no secret that the [Persian] Gulf states headed by Saudi Arabia, they make no secret that they are intervening in Iraq and in Syria through supporting the terrorist organizations labeled “terrorists” under the United Nations such as al-Nusra and in Iraq they support the terrorists against the Iraqi people.

Maybe or likely they want to use the Lebanese arena in order to launch more attacks on what they consider their enemy in the region.

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