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Marivan Friday prayer leader: Takfir is brainchild of ignorance

28 December 2013 11:51

n00148967-bA prominent Sunni cleric from Marivan, in Iranian Province of Kurdistan, condemned Takfiri crimes in the region and called these groups as brainchildren of ignorance and unawareness.
Mamusta Mostafa Shirzadi, Friday prayer leader of Sunni Muslims in Marivan, Kurdistan Province, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) noted,” To acquire knowledge is the way to pave the way for justice and logical behavior and if elites and thinkers are on top of each society, then safety, peace and determination are guaranteed for that society.”

He added,” Enemies of Islam are fully aware that the only way to dominate Muslims is to dominate their thoughts and in this way they try to impede increase of knowledge and awareness of Muslims in different areas of science, technology and culture.”

Friday prayer leader of Marivan referred to illogical measures by Takfiri groups in the region and added, “Murdering children, women and civilians in Islamic countries and killing religious brothers and sisters is inhumane act and those who commit these crimes are ignorant people.”

Mamusta Shirzadi also called Takfiri groups as brainchild of ignorance and unawareness in the world of Islam and if we study their objectives carefully we will find out their vain intentions.”

He added,” Capitalism is pursuing spread of a modern ignorance in Islamic countries and in this path some people and groups are scapegoats for their mean ambitions and we are witness to their brutal acts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Mamusta Shirzadi also said,” We have to stand against their intrigues vigilantly and spread knowledge of knowing enemies among the youths and prevent their entrapment in future.”

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