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UK army chief warns of Afghanistan pullout

28 December 2013 11:41

3128ad1c9e98bfb26e3ac4150b3e9039_LCrucial territories in Afghanistan could be retaken by the Taliban as British troops are preparing to leave the war-ravaged country next year, the head of the British army has warned.

According to Press TV, in an interview with The Telegraph, General Sir Peter Wall said the key towns such as Musa Qala in southern Helmand province could be retaken by Taliban militants.
He also warned that British forces will face a tough year ahead before the 6,000 troops are withdrawn at the end of 2014.
Sir Peter said that: “The Taliban will be contesting the places we’ve left and there are these iconic places like Musa Qala which we fought over and suffered quite significantly.”
He added: “It would be quite bad news if the Taliban were to get back into a place like that.”
The head of army said he believes the Taliban’s first priority will be to disrupt the forthcoming presidential elections in the spring, when President Hamid Karzai will relinquish office.
Earlier this week, Karzai warned that he will not allow continued foreign presence if it means more bombs and civilian killings.
The remarks came after NATO began negotiations with Afghanistan over its military presence in the war-torn country beyond the 2014 withdrawal.

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