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1000s in Canada remain without power

29 December 2013 10:02

342540_Canada-weatherOne week after a major ice storm started in Canada, thousands of people in the country remain without electricity and heating.

Reports say about 25,000 people in Ontario and New Brunswick were without electricity as of late Saturday.

More than 8,550 people in New Brunswick are currently without power, mostly in St. Stephen and Saint John areas.

Meanwhile, temperatures are rising in Toronto, causing new power outages. Reports say about 16,000 people are still without power in Toronto.

According to a statement by Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines early Saturday, melting ice falling from trees and structures has caused more damage.

“Over the morning hours we’ve been moving backwards, but I’m sure our crews will attend to those and we’ll start moving in the right direction again over the next couple of hours,” Haines said.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne also said that crew members from outside Toronto were called in to help with the clean-up process in the city following the storm.

Since last week, at least five people have apparently died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by generators, charcoal stoves and other appliances that people have been using to heat their homes in freezing temperatures.

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