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Hamas: We will remain on the path of martyrs until Palestine is liberated

29 December 2013 19:59

images_News_2013_12_29_battle-0_300_0images_News_2013_12_29_battle-0_300_0The Hamas Movement said it would remain adherent to its resistance approach and following the path of martyrs whatever the sacrifices until all national goals have been achieved.

This came in a press release issued by Hamas on Sunday on the fifth anniversary of Al-Furqan battle.

The Movement reiterated its rejection of the peace negotiations with the Israeli occupation state and stressed that the Palestinian people did not give anyone a mandate to negotiate the occupation on their behalf, and thus they are not bound by any agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the occupation.

“[During Al-Furqan battle], the Israeli enemy wanted to break the will of the resistance spearheaded by Hamas, but our steadfast people responded, ‘We will not leave our land or forsake the resistance whatever the sacrifices,'” Hamas stated.

“Al-Furqan battle has become the legend of the era after the occupation withdrew from the environs of Gaza dragging tails of their defeat and failure behind them, and proved that the strong will of our people is tougher than all its tanks, warplanes and internationally banned weapons,” Hamas added.

Hamas also highlighted that the stifling blockade on Gaza would never succeed in eliminating the resistance in the field or isolating it politically.

“Hamas along with the resistance forces will continue to be capable of springing surprises in the face of those besieging the Palestinian people, and will prove, as days go by, that it is deeply rooted in the hearts of its people and nation and that its enemies are too weak to succeed in breaking the Movement or force it to retreat from the path of resistance and liberation,” the Hamas Movement underlined.

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