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Hezbollah: Arrest of Sheikh Salman Proves Bahraini Regime’s Bankruptcy

29 December 2013 10:24

hezbollah_flagHezbollah considered that the Bahraini regime has stepped up its repression of the oppressed citizens when the authorities arrested the Secretary General of al-Wefa association Sheikh Ali Salman.Hezbollah

In a statement, Hezbollah noted that the regime’s continuous, terrifying practices, including Sheikh Salman’s arrest, proves its political and moral bankruptcy.

“This bankruptcy pushes the regime, aided by foreign troops, to be more involved in fighting the Bahrainis who are demanding the basic rights of freedom, justice and democracy.”

Hezbollah condemned “this serious oppression,” calling on a wide campaign of solidarity with the detained cleric.

Hezbollah also demanded the international institutions as well as the popular and legal organizations to fully blame the Bahraini regime for any physical or psychological harm which Sheikh Salman may suffer and to exert the maximum efforts and pressures so that the authorities release him immediately.

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