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Names of 26 Palestinian prisoners to be freed in 48 hours

29 December 2013 16:17


Gaza – The Israeli prison service published Saturday night on its website a list of 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners slated to be released Monday as a third group of prisoners who have been detained before the Oslo Accords of 1994.

1. Adnan Yusuf Muhammad al-Afandi
2. Ahmad Shehadah Farid Shehadah
3. Ramadan Udah Muhammad Yaqub
4. Muhammad Ahmad Mustafa Afanah
5. Faysal Mahmoud Mustafa Abu al-Rub
6. Ahmad Ali Awad Kamil
7. Bilal Mustafa Ibrahim Damrah
8. Jamal Ibrahim Khalid Abu Muhsin
9. Said Muhammad Rushdi Tamimi
10. Osama Kamil Khalid Silawi
11. Mukhlis Abdul-Raziq Sidqi Sawaftah
12. Nasser Mustafa Fawzi Barham
13. Nuaman Ahmad Yusuf al-Shalabi
14. Ayman Anees Muhammad Jaradat
15. Naim Muhammad Yunus Shawamrah
16. Salman Muhammad Mahmoud
17. Jamal Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Jamal
18. Ibrahim Mahmoud Fayiz Abu Aliu
19. Rami Zaki Jawdat Barbakh
20. Ahmad Mustafa Jumaa Khalaf
21. Bilal Yusuf Ahmad Abu Hussein
22. Yasin Muhammad Abu Khdeir
23. Mahmoud Muhammad Nofal Daajnah
24. Ibrahim Ahmad Khalil Salah
25. Mahmoud Ata Muaammar
26. Ibrahim Hilmi Lutfi Taqtuq

The spokesman of the Israeli prime minister’s office, said the prisoners would be released at least 48 hours after the list had been made public.

Ahead of the announcement, Israeli military radio said that Israel planned to announce the construction of 1,400 new settlement homes in the occupied West Bank to coincide with the release.

The release of two dozen Palestinian prisoners on Dec. 29 is the third part of that four-stage deal, and Israeli occupation has already released 52 prisoners in two previous rounds.

The last batch are expected to be released in March 2014.

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