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Salehi says Iran planned for 3 or 4 power plants

29 December 2013 16:37


Mehr News reported that Ali Akbar Salhi attended Iran’s state TV Channel One “Glance 1” aired Saturday night, and spoke to the people through TV.

“Planned for 20 to 25 years, we would target 20,000 megawatts of electricity; but for mid-term planning, we would target having built 3 or 4 power plants in addition to Bushehr power plant,” he told the program.

He pointed to heavy investments made by developed countries on nuclear industries and also to Iran’s plans and achievements in using electricity with nuclear origin.

“16 per cent of the total electricity in the world is generated by nuclear power plants. France generated 80 per cent of its needed electricity in nuclear power plants,” Salehi asserted, “nuclear energy is so economically and environmentally viable that no one would deem themselves needless of it. We have planned to provide the energy basket with a quota of nuclear energy.”

“Engineering, economic, and feasibility studies first before the Revolution and found that we need to generate 20,000 megawatts of electricity from nuclear power plants,” he added, and that “even if Powers do not act according to Genève deal, Iran will still be the winner, since it would show the world that Iran sought rational behavior and would not break its oath.”

Salehi believed that the IAEA inspections would not pose problems for Iran. “We have still the leverage in negotiations, despite we have taken the first step so high as not to have initiative in the second step, but did not provide further details on that.

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