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Syrian Army in Full Control over Strategic Highway in Damascus Countryside

29 December 2013 12:24

13921004000484_PhotoIThe Syrian army took full control of a strategic highway in Reef (countryside of) Damascus on Sunday.
The army units took full control and restored security to Sahl Al-Zobdani highway in Northwestern Reef Damascus.

Meantime, the army destroyed the gathering centers of the armed rebels in Mazaya and Al-Zobdani towns, killing scores of militants in heavy clashes in the two regions.

The army’s control over Sahl Al-Zobdani highway is of strategic importance because the militants had opened their way to Al-Zobdani town and its suburban area from Sahl Al-Zobdani highway.

On Saturday, the Syrian army killed tens of armed rebels in an ambush in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

The army units killed more than 50 militants in Deir Salman town in Eastern Ghouta in heavy clashes.

Meantime, the army killed tens of foreign backed militants in an ambush between the Christian town of Maaloula and the town of Yabroud near Damascus yesterday.

Syrian state television showed footage of dozens of bodies lying in a mountainous area, with weapons next to them.

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