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Syrian PM stresses importance of boosting cooperation with Iran

29 December 2013 17:38

20131229-145530_h519881Syrian Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, discussed with secretary of the Syrian-Iranian Economic Committee, Rustum Qasemi, mechanisms of activating cooperation in the domains of health, electricity, oil and transport.

The meeting touched upon the necessity of activating work of the line of credit as to continue the provision of basic materials to the Syrian people according to a specified timetable, in addition to boosting cooperation.

The Prime Minister stressed the deep-rooted and strategic relations between the two countries which entail the increase of integration, cooperation and coordination to boost the capacities of the axis of resistance.

He hailed the glorious victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in eradicating and pursuing terrorists and mercenaries and restoring security and stability to Syria.

Qasemi expressed confidence that victory is will be for Syria and the axis of steadfastness against all suspicious schemes in the region, stressing that Iran is morally and strategically obliged to support Syria and provide all requirements for supporting the steadfastness of the Syrians.

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