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Ukraine opposition calls for mass rally

29 December 2013 12:48


Thousands of anti-government protesters are expected to gather in Kiev, after Ukraine’s opposition called for a major demonstration.

On December 28, UDAR party leader Vitali Klitschko called for protesters to gather at the Independence Square, saying that anti-government efforts would continue.

The opposition leader said that the protest on Sunday would “question the authority of the president, the prime minister and the chairman of the parliament.”

Activists are planning to drive a motorcade to the residences of the three Ukrainian political figures. They are expected to deliver a list of requests, including their resignation.

The rally is scheduled to take place a day after a similar demonstration was held outside the house of Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka.

A protest was also held in front of the residence of Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko earlier this week.

Tensions have escalated in Ukraine after 34-year-old investigative journalist Tetyana Chornovil was attacked and severely injured while covering a demonstration earlier this week.

The government has accused the opposition of being involved in the incident. The opposition has denied the accusations.

Last month, Ukraine refused to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, triggering major street protests by the opposition supporters, who want the country to become closer to the EU and distance itself from Russia.

Instead, on December 17, Russia and Ukraine reached a strategic economic and trade agreement, under which Kiev is given significant discounts on imported Russian gas and billions of dollars in credit.

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