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Muslims mark Arbaeen in London

30 December 2013 11:37

342747_UK-ArbaeenThousands of Muslims from across Britain have taken part in ceremonies commemorating Arbaeen, which marks the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of the third Shia Imam, Imam Hossein.

Several thousand Shia Muslims, including people from Scotland and Ireland, came to Marble Arch in central London on Sunday, December 29 for the 33rd annual Arbaeen procession in London.

The mourners, dressed in black, carried banners reading “yes to justice, no to tyranny”, “Hossein and inspiration in every age”, and “1300 years later and his legacy remains”.

“If you do not believe in religion and do not believe the hereafter at least be free from tyranny and arrogance,” another banner quoted Imam Hossein.

“I want this Arbaeen procession to be there when I’m gone, my children are gone, my grandchildren are gone, but Arbaeen should be there,” Izhar Haidar from Hussaini Islamic Trust told Press TV.

Reza Kanji from Arbaeen London Organizing Committee said people who believe in Islam and Imam Hossein joined the event from different countries.

“We don’t feel any kind of racial profiling here, all people are equal and we welcome everyone,” he added.

Arbaeen marks the fortieth day since the Day of Ashura when Imam Hossein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and his 72 companions, including his family members, were martyred in Kerbala.

London is one of the final places to commemorate the tragedy as the event always falls on the first Sunday after Arbaeen in the country.

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