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Syria to ensure nation’s aspirations in Geneva II: al-Moallem

30 December 2013 18:20

Syria to ensure nation's aspirations in Geneva II: al-Moallem

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem says that his country is looking forward to holding the long-delayed Geneva II conference since Syria is committed to the aspirations of its people.
Al-Moallem meeting on Sunday with participants in the “Media of Resistance against War on Syria” forum underscored that if Geneva II isn’t held at the scheduled time, then the United States must be asked why it failed to form a delegation from the opposition.
Calling on all Syrians to work so as to bring terrorism to an end, he said that combating with terrorism is Syria’s top priority.
Al-Moallem urged all countries funding and arming terrorists to stop their support, adding that combating terrorism will lead to a political solution.
He asserted that Syria will do its best to ensure that Geneva II will yield results that meet the Syrian people’s aspirations, adding that none but Syrian people will make the final decision regarding the future of the country.
He added that no force on Earth can force Syria to negotiate its national sovereignty.
He affirmed that those in the opposition who believe that they’re going to Geneva II to seize power are delusional, saying “we are going to meet those in the opposition who reject interference in Syria’s internal affairs, reject terrorism, and work for creating the future Syria.
“Our political decisions are independent and based on the Syrian people’s interests which are sacred to us,” he added.
On the Syrian state’s plan if the conference fails, al-Moallem said that Syria has a political plan and a national conference will be held in Syria in conjunction with the Syrian Army’s ongoing work to carry out its constitutional duties of defending the Syrian people and eradicating terrorism.
Responding to a question on what the Syrian government will offer at the conference and what it will take from it, al-Moallem said that there will be no bargains in Geneva, and that the dialogue will be among Syrians and led by Syria.
“If we set the interest of the Syrian people and the country as our goal, then we don’t need settlements in the style of deals,” he explained, saying that the goal is to reach a roadmap for the future with the Syrians participating in the conference which the Syrian people will agree to.

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