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Lebanese President under fire over Saudi Arabia aid

31 December 2013 7:32

b246ef9938ad6192ea42de619478a36d_LLebanese President Michel Sleiman has come under fire for accepting hefty military aid from Saudi Arabia.

According to Press TV, citing AFP on Monday, Lebanese journals showed their opposition to the move by the Lebanese president.
On Sunday, Suleiman said that Saudi Arabia is giving the Lebanese army USD three billion in aid to buy equipment from France, calling it the largest military aid ever given to the country.
Sleiman said that Riyadh “decided to provide generous assistance to Lebanon in the form of $3 billion for the Lebanese army to strengthen its capabilities.”
Meanwhile, in a Monday article, Finian Cunningham, a political analyst who writes at Press TV’s website, noted that Saudi Arabia has granted the aid, twice the national military budget of Lebanon, while the “primary source of bloodshed in Lebanon” is linked to Riyadh itself.
Cunningham said: “The splurging of USD three billion by Saudi Arabia to “increase Lebanon’s security” is merely cynical public relations to cover up the real source of violence in that country, as well as providing Riyadh military leverage to go after Hezbollah within Lebanon.”
On Saturday, Kamel Wazne, a political analyst, said Saudi Arabia plays a destructive role in the entire Middle East including Lebanon.

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