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Exclusive: President al-Assad says Extremism and takfiri mentality distort true tolerant nature of Islam

31 December 2013 14:53


President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a delegation from the Gathering of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, head by chairman of the Gathering’s administrative board, sheikh Hassan Abdullah.

The meeting tackled the latest developments in the region, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, and the threats posed by the takfiri mentality which targets the history, future and coexistence of the region’s people.

President al-Assad affirmed that extremism and the takfiri Wahabi mentality distort true tolerant nature of Islam, underlining the role of religious figures, particularly the scholars of the Levant, in confronting the Wahabi mentality which is alien to our societies, exposing the plots of the people advocating this mentality, and promoting Islam in its correct and moderate form.


For their part, members of the delegation said that what is happening in the region constitutes a struggle between the path of moderation and mediation on one side and takfiri, barbaric and exclusionist mentalities on the other side.

They voiced support for Syria in its battle against terrorism and extremism, affirming their confidence in the Syrians’ ability to stand fast and emerge victorious.

Later, Sheikh Abdullah told SANA in a statement that the meeting with President al-Assad was important, adding that the talks dealt with a number of issues, mainly as Syria to remain the place of the moderate Islam and the pan-Arab method.

“The war on Syria is a war between the line of resistance, tolerance and another line which satisfies the Zionist entity,” Sheikh Abdullah said, considering the fatwas of the Takfiris as null and affirming that Islam is innocent of them.

For his part, official of the Foreign Relations at the Gathering Sheikh Maher Mizhir said that the firmness of Syria, led by President al-Assad came as a commitment by his highness, not only for Syria but for the Arab nation as a whole, to prevent the region from repercussions of the takfiri mentality which has infiltrated into the Arab, Islamic body.

Exclusive: President al-Assad says Extremism and takfiri mentality distort true tolerant nature of Islam Tags

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