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Russia detains dozens in Volgograd after bombings

31 December 2013 14:05


Russian police have detained dozens of people in sweeps through the southern city of Volgograd after two recent deadly bombings.

Regional police official Andrei Pilipchuk said Tuesday that 87 people had been taken into custody in Volgograd after they either resisted police or could not produce proper identification or registration documents.

Pilipchuk also said that about 5,200 security forces were mobilized in the city to check traffic and inspect public transport.

According to Itar-Tass news agency, police was focusing on migrant workers from the Caucasus and former Soviet states.

However, there are yet no indications that any of the detainees were linked to the bombings or suspected of planning further attacks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered security to be tightened across the country after the recent bombings.

There have been no claims of responsibility for the two blasts. The latest one occurred on Monday, when an explosion on a trolley bus near a market in Volgograd killed 15 people.

On Sunday, a bomb attack was carried out at Volgograd’s main train station, leaving 17 people dead and wounding scores of others.

The two blasts took place ahead of the Sochi winter Olympic Games, scheduled to be held in February.

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