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Takfiri Groups Preparing to Launch Assault on Aleppo Prison

31 December 2013 17:12

militantsSyriaAccording to Al-Manar website the Salafist armed battalions in Aleppo and surrounding areas are preparing to launch deadly attack on Aleppo’s central prison.

Armed opposition sources said that these groups are intending to form an operation room in order to launch unified assault in a bid to capture the central prison in Aleppo after the armed opposition controlled the Canadian hospital in the city two weeks earlier.

Al-Manar website knew that those Takfiri groups fear that the Syrian army and popular committees will advance in order to regain the hospital, after they had reached the area of Zarzour, in northeastern Aleppo, which lies 7 km far from the hospital and 10 km from the prison.

According to the sources, Nusra Front and the so-called ‘Islamic Front, which is composed of Tawheed brigade and Ahrar a-Sham brigade, agreed to form a unified operation room.

The sources added that these groups were supported by anti-aircraft machine guns and 4×4 military vehicles and around 400 militants.

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