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Video- That’s why Hezbollah is in Syria (Not for Children)

31 December 2013 9:00


Syrian state TV has aired a gruesome footage showing al-Qaeda-linked militants playing soccer with heads of people they killed, showing extremist behavior dominated among the terrorist group’s memebrs.
Extremist militants, supposedly from Pakistan’s Taliban, posted videos and pictures of their companions playing football with people’s heads in an unknown location.
The men seen in the video speak a Pashto dialect.
They are Takfiri Wahhabis which share an ultra-radical ideology originated in Saudi Arabia.
The Syrian TV aired the video to show the dominated brutality shared among Takfiri extremists who have created much similar scenes during their war on Syria.
Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest that started in 2011 as pro-reform protests but turned into a massive war following infiltration of foreign extremists groups, many of them linked to al-Qaeda.
People have been witnessing brutal scenes of killing and torture in some areas of the country which have been occupied and controlled by Takfiri groups.
In their most recent attacks, Takfiri militants attacked Syria’s Adra near capital Damascus, and massacred people in brutal ways described by the survivors.
The United Nations warned in June report that the foreign-charged war in the Arab country has reached ‘new levels of brutality’.

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