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Video- One of two orphan brothers was beaten to death by Istanbul metro security members

31 December 2013 22:18

Turkey Istanbul- Aykut and Yasin KELEK (18) the two orphan brothers ran out of money and couldn’t get on the subway and the two orphan brothers tried to get on the subway without tickets but security forces of the metro prevented them from getting on the subway. After a short quarrel the security forces hit one of two brothers with the metal dedector. Eye witnesses in the video say that: “It has been about 45 minutes that no any ambulances has come and the young man still lying there with the serious wound in his head…”
Meanwhile the security forces are preventing the cameraman from filming the situation. The young man in blue coat is one the orphan brothers who is shouting in the video footage and saying: “We have neither mum nor dad, we do not have any house, we sleep in streets, we do not have any money and we just wanted to get on the subway without ticket then the security member hit my brother in his head with the metal dedector…”


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