Exclusive- Islamic Invitation Turkey refuted the news “torture photos by Assad”

The concurrent news of “direct evidence” of “systematic torture and killing” by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on CNN, The Guardian, AA, TRT last night arouse some questions after it was seen that both the source and law firm are Qatar- sponsored.

It is so interesting that these report is served just before the hours-left Geneva II and the most striking point is that the report is prepared by a London- centered Qatar- sponsored law firm. Another clear point is that Qatar support, finance, arm the opposition bloc in Syria.

It is alleged that the report is backed by 55 000 photos. Stomachs, faces and even legs are concave — sunken, rather than convex. On some torsos, bruising and bleeding is so severe that the victims’ skin is a mosaic of black, red, purple and pink.

Oblong and parallel wounds, a mix of bruises and torn skin, line one man’s chest and torso, covering every inch of the victim’s body from neck to pelvis. (CNN)

Here the new doubts on scandal:

1- Why there is aways a claim before the international conferences about Syria case? (Chemical weapon and now this “systematic torture and killing” photos served by enemies of Syria)

2- It is claimed that the photos are taken in Hospital’s morgue. WHY AREN’T THERE ANY PHOTOS OF THE MORGUE while the photographer took the picture of private parts of body but no any images of the name of hospital or morgue?

3- It is said that the photos were taken by the archivist and this means the information of those people were sent to the prosecution& attorney generalship, also this means the records of those victims are in hands of attorney general. In that case why didn’t that prosecutor give the names of those victims so that the families of those victims would find where their relatives are held or in which prison they were being held…? In this way all realities would be clear.

4- Geneva 2 is always delayed and the time of the photos are just okay for those who always have excuse for not participating the conference.
5- Did the archivist come to the mercy just before the Geneva 2? Why didn’t he give the photos beforehand?

6- Why didn’t archivist take even just ONE  photo(s) of the employees, officials who delivered the victims’ body

7- Now that there are 55 000 photos of this crime then why haven’t they published any other photos?

8- How did CNN, The Guardian, AA, TRT understand the crime was done by “Assad Regime” just through some photos? Did the photos or victims tell them the truth or were those media at the scene of crime?

9- Who will take advantages of this crime mostly? Assad or Oppossition?

10- Why the dates of the pictures are not shown? Now that CNN, The Guardian and others blame Assad openly then why don’t they give clear evidences but suspended, vague claims… and so forth







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