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Critical Health Cases Reported in Israeli Jails

1 February 2015 10:16


The policy of medical neglect adopted by Israeli Prison Service (IPS) led to aggravation of health conditions among Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs Committee said, in a statement on Saturday, the health conditions of a number of Palestinian prisoners held in Ashkelon and Rimon prisons have been continuously worsening due to the continuation of medical negligence policy pursued by IPS, PIC reported.

The lawyer of the Committee, Mutaz Sheqairat, said the health status of captive Mohammad al-Arqan from al-Khalil is very serious. He has been suffering for 13 years from a tumor in the liver which has not been removed yet despite doing the examination required. For the past two months, his condition has been seriously worsening.

Prisoner Khalid Hasan al-Qadi, who is sentenced to 14 years and a half and held in Rimon prison, is suffering from Hepatitis (B). He got infected with the virus at the prison’s dental clinic on March 22, 2014.

Qadi said he was transferred to the prison’s clinic two weeks earlier, but the doctor there refused to see him. He added that his immunity has been very week to the extent that he has not been able to move well, asking for a specialized doctor.

Lawyer Karim Ajweh said detainee Ali Mohammad Hassan from Qalqilya is suffering from multiple health problems the most significant of which are breathing difficulty and backache (Disk). He is held in Ashkelon prison and sentenced to life and seven years.

Prisoner Hassan said he has not been receiving the appropriate treatment which worsened his backache. It has affected his legs, leaving him unable to walk unless he uses crutches.

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