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North Korea Stages Exercise Targeting Imaginary US ‘Imperialist Carrier’

1 February 2015 10:55


North Korea successfully staged joint naval and air force drills targeting the US Navy.
The military exercises were inspected by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in person, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

“A drill of services of the Korean People’s Army for hitting enemy naval target was staged at the personal initiative of Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un,” the news agency reported.

The drill focused on “rounding off the war method of mounting surprise air and naval attacks on the US imperialists’ carrier which sailed into the operation waters in the Southern half to make military strikes at strategic targets of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)”.

The exercise also was aimed at “helping flying corps and submarine units get familiar with combat methods, command and coordination”.

The North Korean leader stated that Pyongyang would not sit any longer with “the rabid dogs openly barking” about toppling its socialist system. The statement came as an ongoing reaction to a recent Youtube interview of US President Barack and his comments that the country’s regime will collapse over time.

“He (Kim Jong-un) solemnly declared that we have no willingness to sit any longer with the rabid dogs openly barking that they will bring down by the method of bringing about ‘changes’ to the socialist system, the cradle which our people consider dearer than their own lives,” the news agency quoted North Korea’s supreme leader as saying.

The leader also added that his country is ready to “counter any war including a war by conventional armed forces and a nuclear war”.

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