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US pursuing collapse of N-talks: Larijani

1 February 2015 20:33


Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned US administration that Iranian nation would never give up against sanctions and pressures, stressing that Iran would not pay the price for Obama’s inability to solve internal disputes and domestic failures.

He made the remarks at the public session of Parliament on Sunday. Ali Larijani, while marking Fajr Decade, anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, delivered speech on the establishment of religious democracy by the founder of Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini (RA).

Pointing to the recent remarks of the US president who said Washington will continue exerting pressures until Tehran yields to America’s views on its nuclear issue, Larijani said the US wants Iran to surrender to its will. “Nowhere in the world this behavior is considered as negotiation,” Larijani highlighted, decrying Obama’s ambitions.

“The US president is definitely to recognize that the Iranian nation will never give up to pressures,” Larijani asserted.

Iran’s Parliament speaker also said Obama would be responsible for failure of nuclear talks because of his improper policies and inability to solve internal disputes.

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