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Palestinians slam zionist Egypt Regime’s blacklisting of Qassam Brigades

2 February 2015 13:33


The Islamic resistance movement Hamas has condemned an Egyptian court’s decision to list its military wing the Qassam Brigades as a terrorist group.

The Egyptian court on Saturday accused the Qassam brigades of involvement in terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula in October of last year.

Hamas has denied any involvement in such attacks saying that the accusations are politically motivated.

In March of last year an Egyptian court outlawed Hamas movement and banned Hamas’s activities in Egypt.

Hamas officials also said the Egyptian military is using Hamas as a scapegoat to justify its failure in confronting militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian pressure on Hamas increased in July of 2013 following the ouster of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi.

Palestinian factions including Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees called for the reversal of the court’s decision.

Hamas Legislative council members described the court’s decision as shameful calling on Egypt to condemn Israeli terrorism.

Qassam brigades’ fighters are considered as heroes among Palestinians for their brave fighting against Israeli foces.

Analysts say Egypt is further playing into the hands of Israel by listing Hamas’s military wing as a terrorist group.

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