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‘Terrorists obstruct delivery of relief aid to Palestinian refugees’

2 February 2015 13:48


The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees Chief, Pierre Krahenbuh, has announced that for two months, terrorist outfits have obstructed the delivery of this international body’s relief aid to tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees, who reside in Yarmouk Camp in the environs of Damascus.

According to IRNA, nearly 18,000 Palestinian refugees are besieged by terrorist outfits, including Al-Nusra Front.
According to this UN official, this international organization has failed to deliver relief aid to this Palestinian refugee camp as of December 2014.
Prior to breakout of crisis in Syria, in 2011, Yarmouk Camp housed over 500,000 Palestinian refugees. However, most of these Palestinian refugees fled to other parts of Syria or overseas in the wake of eruption of clashes in Syria.
The Palestinians who have remained in Yarmouk Camp are grappling with several woes; such as hiking prices, tough winter, and shortage of food, water, and medicine.

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