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Cuba publishes first Fidel Castro photos in nearly 6 months

3 February 2015 13:59


Cuba has released the first photographs of former president Fidel Castro in more than five months amid rumors that his health is failing.

Nearly two dozen photos were published on the websites of Cuba’s main state official media outlets, including that of the newspaper Granma, around midnight Monday.

The images showed the 88-year-old Castro sitting at his home discussing current events with Randy Perdomo Garcia, the leader of a students’ union, in what appears to be a lively conversation.

In a lengthy article accompanying the photos, Garcia said the meeting took place on January 23.

He added that they talked about a wide range of topics, including international politics, as well as the articles that the former president has published in Granma during the meeting, which lasted for more than three hours.

The images come as Castro has kept a low profile recently since he stepped down as Cuba’s president in 2008 following a serious illness in 2006. He handed over leadership to his younger brother, Raul.

Rumors have been circulating around about Castro’s medical conditions since he disappeared from the public eye.

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