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Terror Twin Sisters Training with AK-47s as ISIL Fighters

3 February 2015 14:15

Terror Twin Sisters Training with AK-47s  as ISIL Fighters

The British teenage sisters who fled to Syria to marry ISIL fighters, have posted pictures of ‘self defence training’ on social media.
Zahra and Salma Halane, both 17, of Chorlton, Manchester left their homes last June after becoming radicalised online.
The pictures have been posted on one of the twins’ Twitter accounts, and shows four veiled women holding AK-47 assault rifles and handguns.
Although neither Zahra or Salma can be identified in the images due to their full veils, the set was posted on one of their Twitter accounts.
The Halane twins, whose parents hail from Somalia, are thought to have married two ISIL militants in Syria, who have both died in battle.
Their parents Ibrahim, 52, and Khadra Jama, 45, travelled to the region in November last year, but the twins are said to have refused to come home.

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