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Hamas: Israeli pressure behind the resignation of Schabas

4 February 2015 8:00


Hamas said the resignation of William Schabas, the head of United Nations’ inquiry commission on the Israeli war crimes in the latest aggression on Gaza, reflects the dangerous Israeli blackmail and the huge pressure practiced by Israel and the Zionist lobby on the commission and its head.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said in a press statement on Tuesday, Israel’s pressure on the commission and its head aimed at hiding the truth and escaping from punishment.

This clearly displays the organized Israeli state terrorism that targets anyone who tries to unveil the truth and bring Israeli leaders to account in the international forums, said Barhoum.

He called on the international community not to surrender to this pressure, to continue probing the Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people, and to hasten bringing the Israeli leaders to account for their crimes and terrorism.

Schabas resigned to protest the Israeli allegations of bias due to a consultancy work he did for the Palestine Liberation Organization, according to Reuters.

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