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Hezbollah slams ISIL killing of Jordan pilot

5 February 2015 12:13


The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has deprecated the “despicable” killing of a Jordanian pilot by the ISIL Takfiri group.

“Hizbullah condemns the brutal, heinous crime that was committed by the IS (ISIL) gang against the Jordanian pilot,” the resistance movement said in a statement on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, ISIL released a video online showing the Takfiri terrorists set alight Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh who had been taken hostage in December.

The video showed Kassasbeh dressed in an orange jumpsuit and surrounded by flames of fire inside a metal cage.

Hezbollah sympathized with the family of the pilot, saying, “The despicable method used by the IS (ISIL) gang is usually used by the most vicious of butchers.”
The Lebanese resistance movement further called on the Western and regional countries, which provide support for the Takfiri group, to give their policies toward the terrorist group a second thought.

“It has become necessary for a lot of countries in the region and the world to reconsider their policies which are based on supporting terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq,” Hezbollah added.

The resistance movement also said that the brutalities of the Takfiri group has nothing to do with Islam and is aimed at tarnishing the image of Islam.

“Through their massacres and atrocities, these groups are deliberately distorting the image of Islam and Muslims and pushing people away from religion through endorsing bizarre and condemned fatwas,” Hezbollah said.

The pilot was captured by ISIL militants in December when his plane came down in northern Syria during a mission against the terrorist group.

Jordan has vowed “punishment and revenge” for the killing of the 26-year-old pilot.

Just hours after the video emerged, Amman executed two ISIL-linked militants.

Jordan has been hosting secret US bases set up to train militants fighting the Syrian government. The militancy has led to the expansion of ISIL.

Syria has been grappling with a deadly crisis since March 2011. The violence fueled by Takfiri groups has reportedly claimed the lives of over 200,000 people so far. New figures show that over 76,000 people, including thousands of children, lost their lives in Syria last year alone.

The Takfiris control swathes of land in Syria and Iraq and have been carrying out horrific acts of violence such as public decapitations and crucifixions against all communities such as Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians.

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