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“Kurds ready for final war with ISIL”

5 February 2015 13:51


President of Iraq’s Semi-autonomous Kurdistan region – Massoud Barzani – says the Kurds are ready to go into a final battle with the ISIL takfiri militants provided that they receive quote-badly needed arms and weapons.Barazani has revealed that some 3000 militants have been killed by Kurdish forces in the ISIL offensive against Iraq in the summer of 2014.

The Kurds are currently holding up a 1600 long front-line in the fight against the so-called I-S-I-L.This as they have in recent months liberated no less than 17000 square kilometers of land from the grip of ISIL. This land includes 60% of Sinjar, a predominantly Izadi region at Iraq’s borders with Syria.

The Kurds also say they have so-far lost no less than 800 fighters in the fight against ISIL – including 10 generals.Barzani’s comments come several weeks after a high-profile security delegation made its way to Erbil to discuss preparations for joint Iraqi-Kurdish military action to retake Mosul.

Meanwhile, Kurdish Premier Nechirvan Barzani has pointed out recently that the decisive battle against ISIL in their stronghold Mosul would not begin before next fall.

Iraqi and Kurdish officials have highlighted recently – that any battle to retake Mosul can only be led by Iraqi forces with the backing of Kurdish forces and Iraqi volunteers. Experts believe that the recent remarks made by Kurdish President Barazani assert once again what has now become a well-known fact for the people of Iraq: defeating ISIL can only be from within and with national efforts.

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