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Netanyahu Worried about Possible US Deal with Iran

5 February 2015 19:50

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Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concerns on Wednesday about a possible nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the world powers, accusing Tehran of trying to open a new front against his occupation entity.

During a tour he made in the Golan Heights, accompanied by his Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Netanyahu called on the international community to abandon an emerging compromise with Iran over its peaceful nuclear program and to pressure Tehran to scale back its presence along the northern borders of occupied Palestine.

“I came here today with our defense minister to view the IDF (Zionist occupation military) preparations against the new front, terror front, that Iran is seeking to establish here in the Golan Heights,” Netanyahu said.

“This is in addition to the terror fronts they’ve already established in south Lebanon and in Gaza,” he added, in reference to the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah who defeated the Zionist aggression three times in row during the 21st century, and to the various Palestinian resistance factions who defeated the Zionist incursion into the Gaza Strip in July 2014.

Netanyahu expressed concerns about the nuclear talks with Tehran, fearing of a possible deal that might be reached and “would enable Iran to have nuclear weapons, and that is the greatest danger of all,” he said, stressing that his entity will oppose the deal because it is “dangerous to us (the Zionists).”

Netanyahu’s comments came as diplomats close to talks between the US and Iran said both sides were discussing a compromise that would let Iran keep much of its uranium-enriching technology but reduce its potential to make nuclear weapons.

For his part, Ya’alon repeated what Netanyahu said, accusing Iran of trying to open a front against the entity on the Golan Heights.

Netanhayu and Ya’alon visit came after the recent escalation by the Zionist military when it violated the Syrian sovereignty and carried out an aerial strike in Quneitra barrens on the borders with occupied Palestine, targeting a Hezbollah convoy.

Six Hezbollah fighters were killed, including commander Mohammad Issa, Jihad Moughneih, Abbas Hijazi, Ghazi Dawi, Ali Ibrahim and Mohammad Ali Abu al-Hassan.

An Iranian General, Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi, was also killed in the attack.

In retaliation, Hezbollah military unit, named “Honorable Martyrs of Quneitra Group”, fired six rockets at a Zionist military convoy patrolling in the Lebanese occupied Shebaa Farms following 10 days of Quneitra assault.

Media reports said that the Zionist convoy was consisting of 9 military vehicles.
Zionist officials said that two soldiers were killed and 7 others injured in Hezbollah operation.

However, in his last speech marking the Quneitra attack, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah hinted at the Zionists’ lies regarding the number of casualties.

“Regarding the number of the killed soldiers, we will see later how to solve this issue,” his eminence said.

Since July war on Lebanon in July 2006, the Zionist entity has spared no chance to attack the Resistance whether in Lebanon, in violation of the UNSC Resolution 1701, or by funding and training the Takfiri groups operating in Syria and Iraq.

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